Same Sex Domestic Violence - a new approach

Have you been involved in violent relationships at home?

Do you know of someone who is currently affected by the issues?

Domestic violence has always been a hidden phenomenon and it can be even more difficult to identify in the context of same sex relationships. For someone who is not out to family and friends it may prove impossible to admit to what is actually going on. Even those who live openly as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered can fear the risk of homophobic abuse and attack if they let it be known that everything is not perfect at home.

Funded by Comic Relief, GLAM (Gay & Lesbian Arts and Media) is developing hold tight tight hold - a national initiative, the project will develop a CD-Rom and Website over the next 3 years.

The CD-Rom and Website will be created through an inter-active process working with people who have experienced same-sex domestic violence (DV), who will be empowered and trained to produce much of the imagery and content through artist-led training, creating digital photographs, art/graphics, video, drama and oral histories.

hold tight tight hold has three main aims, to:

- raise awareness: within the LGBT communities, and within agencies who provide support services to people experiencing domestic violence

- produce a national resource: the CD-rom and Internet Website will offer information and support strategies for individuals and agencies alike

- empower individuals: by developing skills and creativity in a safe environment, and helping to develop confidence and self-esteem

Whatever you have to say - views on the issues to be addressed, suggestions for appropriate action needed, or an expression of how you feel about the issues - please contact us.

If you are an individual affected by same sex domestic violence, click here to contribute your ideas and experience in a confidential context.

If you are part of an organisation which can respond to domestic violence issues, click here to contribute your expertise.

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Click here if you want to find out more about GLAM, Europe's only arts and media organisation focussing on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities.

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