Thank you for your interest in contributing to hold tight tight hold.

If you have personal experience of domestic violence in a same sex relationship, we would like to hear from you. Your contribution is vital to enable us to create a resource which will help other people - and the agencies they may be dealing with - to respond effectively in the future.

All contributions will be treated confidentially. If you would like to make a contribution, please do. Your email address and any other personal information will not be shown, unless you specifically give us your contact details as part of your message.

We aim to raise awareness of the issues, to produce resources to enable people to respond effectively to the occurrence of same sex domestic violence, and to empower individuals affected by it.

You can get involved in a number of ways:

Take part in a training course:

GLAM will be running a variety of free arts courses from Autumn 2001, including training in digital photography, website design, animation, and digital video production. These courses will be offered within men-only and women-only groups, and will be for a maximum of 6 participants per course.

Contribute your artwork, by:

- attending one of our free training courses and working alongside other participants to create work, which expresses your experience of same-sex domestic violence
- sending work over the Internet *
- sending work through the post *

* NB you don't need to identify yourself

Become a volunteer - develop the skills you have learnt through the above training courses to develop art works to go on the CD-Rom and Website, by becoming a regular volunteer.

Sit on the hold tight tight hold Steering Group, and use your experience and knowledge to help guide the project.


To get in touch with us, you can:

- email your text message, including file attachments
- send your materials through the mail to GLAM, 44-46 Old Steine, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1NH
- fax a paper contribution to 01273 774232
- telephone us to talk about your concerns, or arrange a face-to-face meeting, on 01273 707963